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Moving On

11 FEB

Bangkok Dazed is now history. Thanks for visiting.

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During past visits to Nyaungshwe I’ve taken some of the monks from Shwe Yan Pyay monastery on field trip to visit sites in the area. Over the course of these various trips, I’ve now progressed from two monks in a car to five monks in a van. I envision a day in the not-too-distant future [...]

Students on the way to school in a village near Nyaungshwe. Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon. A novice monk in Mandalay enjoys a kite flying break. Serving lunch at the MBOA orphanage in Mandalay. Hanging out at Ko Tin Chit’s teashop in Mandalay. This little boy was our guide at Hpo Win Daung caves in Monywa. [...]

Here are some more photos from Shwe Yan Pyay Kyaung in Nyaungshwe. This teakwood monastery is located next to the narrow “highway” that brings tourists into Nyaungshwe, the little Shan State town on the shores of Inle Lake. Okay, the town is actually near a long canal that leads to the lake, but close enough! [...]

Outdoor Life

25 DEC

Walking or cycling around the towns and cities of Myanmar, I always stumble upon interesting sights, signs, and people. It might be a betelnut vendor folding packets of the addictive chew, books for sale on the street, a neighborhood water stand, a bus packed with passengers and monks sitting on the roof, a child flying [...]

I’ve taken a ton of photos at Shwe Yan Pyay monastery over the years, but one thing I’d never done was follow the monks on their morning alms rounds. About two years ago a friend of mine let the monks borrow his camera for two days and the result was some great pics, some of [...]

Each time I visit Mandalay it’s become a tradition that I take a group of kids from the 90th Street neighborhood (where one of my favorite teashops is located) on a field trip somewhere in the area. Earlier this year we visited towns such as Pyin U Lwin, Paleik, and Inwa, This time we went [...]

The novice monks at Shwe Yan Pay Kyaung monastery in the Shan State town of Nyaungshwe study Buddhism from Pali texts each day of the week. They get a two hour break for lunch but during most of the daylight hours they study in groups or with a senior monk. Most of them come from [...]

Htein Linn, my friend in Nyaungshwe who runs Golden Bowl Travel Services & Bookshop, had a very good idea for a way to help some village schools in the area. He suggested that I donate some First Aid kits to each school. He also mentioned that the schools, as well as Shwe Yan Pyay monastery, [...]